180x80 back to wall


180x80 back to wall

Adapto bathtub made of a composite material characterized by unusual scratch and impact strength. Bathtub with a capacity of approx. 327 l, depth 47 cm and the length of the bottom 150 cm.


The material has thermal insulation properties so you can enjoy the bath longer. The bathtub has an integrated panel, which results in ease of installation. The material from which the bathtub was made is characterized by low porosity, thanks to which it is easy to maintain cleanliness and, above all, it prevents bacteria from settling down. A set of adjustable legs is attached to the bathtub, guaranteeing its stability.

  • Properties
    • Basic data
      Dimensions: 1800x800 [mm]
      Length: 1800 [mm]
      Width: 800 [mm]
      Height: 620 [mm]
      Depth: 470 [mm]
      Capacity: 422 [l]
      Recommended number of users: 1
      Number of sitting places: 1
      Number of reclining places: 1
      Product weight: 128 [kg]
      Structure: composite
      Material: composite
      Frame: yes
      Panel: integrated
  • Colours
    • Colour white (10)
  • Files to download