180x80 freestanding


180x80 freestanding

Adapto bathtub made of a composite material characterized by unusual scratch and impact strength. Bathtub with a capacity of approx. 327 l, depth 47 cm and a length of 150 cm bottom.


The material has thermal insulation properties so you can enjoy the bath longer as well as have a low porosity which makes it easy to keep clean and, above all, prevents deposition bacteria. Extremely stable construction gives a sense of comfort and safety allowing you to relax.

  • Properties
    • Basic data
      Dimensions: 1800x800 [mm]
      Length: 1800 [mm]
      Width: 800 [mm]
      Height: 620 [mm]
      Depth: 470 [mm]
      Capacity: 422 [l]
      Recommended number of users: 1
      Number of sitting places: 1
      Number of reclining places: 1
      Product weight: 140 [kg]
      Structure: composite
      Material: composite
      Frame: no
      Panel: integrated
    • Equipment
      Regulated legs: no
  • Colours
    • Colour white (10)
  • Files to download