253x253 with gutter


253x253 with gutter

SPA bath made of the highest quality acrylic. This 5-person SPA bath can be successfully used in hotels, SPA and wellness centres and larger swimming pool facilities. Equipped with a comfortable and safe entrance. Thermal cover is available for the bath.


  • Properties
    • Basic data
      Dimensions: 2530 x 2530 [mm]
      Length: 2530 [mm]
      Width: 2530 [mm]
      Height: 1020 +/- 20 [mm]
      Depth: 780 [mm]
      Capacity: 1300 [l]
      Recommended number of users: 5
      Structure: sanitary acrylic (100%) reinforced with polyester laminate
      Number of massage points: 118-125
      Drainage: yes
      Assembly: built-in
      With overflow gutter: yes
    • Equipment
      Water massage: yes
      Air massage: yes
      Underwater lights: multipoint colour LED (option), single point colour LED (option), single point white LED
      Telescopic skimmer-filter: no
    • Air massage
      Air passages: yes
      Number of massage points: 7-14
    • Hydro massage
      Air passages: 111
      Mini-nozzles: 0
      Big nozzles: 7-14
      Fixed directional: 7-14
      Rotary: 0
      Water massage aeration: 58
  • Files to download