The SMART 1 system works on the principle of massage.

During bathing, relaxation is generally subjected to the muscles and joints.It is recommended primarily for the regeneration of the muscular system and improve circulation. It also has healing features that help in bone ailments or in rheumatic diseases.


The richly equipped SMART 1 system, managed by an electronic controller, allows, among others, for independent setting of the water stream direction and massage intensity adjustment for different massage zones.
In addition, installed single-point LED lighting gives the possibility of introducing chromotherapy to the bathroom space. To ensure bath hygiene, like all PoolSpa hydromassage systems, SMART 1 is equipped with hoses with increased antibacterial properties.

  • Properties
    • Basic data
      Control: electronic
      Drainage: no
      Electric heater: nie
      Pump drainage: yes
      Automatic disinfection: no
      Water pump: yes
      Piping with antibacterial properties: yes
      Pulse massage: no
      Flat nozzles: no
      Filling through nozzles: yes
      Automatic drying of channels: no
      Pulse massage: no
    • Equipment
      Water massage: yes
      Air massage: no
      Underwater lights: single point LED
      Telescopic skimmer-filter: 6-16
      LED thermometer: no
      Air heater: no
    • Air massage
      Air passages: no
    • Hydro massage
      Air passages: 6-16
      Mini-nozzles: 2-12
      Big nozzles: 4
      Fixed directional: 6-16
      Rotary: 0
      Water massage aeration: 58
      Ozoniser: no
    • Electrical connections
      Supply voltage: 230 V AC 50 Hz
      Power cord cross-section: 3 x 1,5 mm²
      Network layout: TN - S
  • Files to download