Ø 177 with skimmer Evolution


Ø 177 with skimmer Evolution

The most characteristic feature of the VICTORIA SPA bathtub is its round shape, very rare in devices of this size. This 4-person portable SPA bathtub can be successfully used in gardens and small fitness clubs. Thanks to its unique size, it is an ideal combination of entertainment and relaxation.


  • Properties
    • Basic data
      Dimensions: Ø 1770 [mm]
      Length: Ø 1770 [mm]
      Width: Ø 1770 [mm]
      Height: 930 +10/- 0 [mm]
      Depth: 770 [mm]
      Capacity: 800 [l]
      Recommended number of users: 4
      Number of sitting places: 4
      Number of reclining places: 0
      Product weight: 275 [kg]
      Structure: sanitary acrylic (100%) reinforced with polyester laminate
      Control: electronic
      Number of massage points: 121
      Electric heater: 3kW lub 2 x 3kW (opcja)
      Hydromassage supply: 2-speed water massage and filtration pump
      Dedicated filtration pump: no
      Water purification: lamp UV (option)
      Antifrost system: yes
      Water temperature control: yes
      Assembly: freestanding
      With overflow gutter: no
    • Equipment
      Water massage: yes
      Air massage: yes
      Underwater lights: multipoint colour LED (option), single point colour LED (option), single point white LED
      Telescopic skimmer-filter: no
      Sand filter: yes
      Bluetooth: yes (option)
    • Air massage
      Air passages: yes
      Number of massage points: 25
    • Hydro massage
      Air passages: 96
      Mini-nozzles: 19
      Big nozzles: 6
      Fixed directional: 19
      Rotary: 6
      Water massage aeration: 58
      Ozoniser: yes
    • Electrical connections
      Supply voltage: 230 V AC 50 Hz / 400 V AC 50 Hz (wersja z grzałką 2 x 3kW)
      Power cord cross-section: 3 x 4 mm² / 5 x 4 mm² (wersja z grzałką 2 x 3kW)
      Network layout: TN - S
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