Ø 250


Ø 250

Spa Mila is a stationary SPA bath made of the highest quality acrylic, with 7 massage stations.
Equipped with a comfortable and safe entrance and massage points that provide unique relaxation and comfort while bathing.


Mila Spa can be successfully used in hotels, SPA centers, wellness rooms and in private wellness area.

  • Properties
    • Basic data
      Dimensions: Ø 2500 [mm]
      Length: 2500 [mm]
      Width: 2500 [mm]
      Height: 1080 +/- 20 [mm]
      Depth: 850 [mm]
      Capacity: 1640 [l]
      Recommended number of users: 5
      Structure: sanitary acrylic (100%) reinforced with polyester laminate
      Control: electronic
      Drainage: yes
      Assembly: built-in
      With overflow gutter: yes
    • Equipment
      Water massage: yes
      Air massage: yes
      Underwater lights: multipoint colour LED (option), single point white LED
      Telescopic skimmer-filter: no
    • Air massage
      Air passages: yes
      Number of massage points: 7
    • Hydro massage
      Big nozzles: 7
      Fixed directional: 7
      Rotary: 0
      Water massage aeration: 58
  • Colours
    • Colour white (10)
  • Files to download